WAKE is an experimental student short film exploring the concept of consciousness and allegorical storytelling.

Myself and Dan finally found an opening to get to together for a collaboration in one of our classes. We knew we wanted to create something very abstract and surreal, while pushing our 3D skills to the limit, and by using consciousness as our main theme, we allowed ourselves to really dig deep. Inspired by directors such as Sam Esmail and his very abstract 2nd season of Mr. Robot, we wanted to test our storytelling capabilities by using allegories to create surreal visual imagery with an underlying purpose.

After researching a bunch of very different and complex theories, and realising how little we actually know about our consciousness, we decided to dial it back a bit and simply use the situation of a patient in a coma as the premise for our film. Our goal was to visualise our patient’s journey from unconscious to a conscious state of mind.

Created with Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Houdini, DAZ, Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Director / C4D Artist / Post Production – Dan Braga
Technical Director / C4D & Houdini Artist – Julz Lane
Process Reel – Dan Braga
Music & Sound Design – Bryan Barcinas
Additional Sound Design – Jacob Thomas Czech

A big thank you to Mike and Renee from MISTER for sharing their very powerful render farm with us!

BEHANCE PROJECT – behance.net/gallery/47690795/WAKE

Creative Process Blog we made while working on the project - wakemotion.tumblr.com


Process Reel