Design, Direction, Animation by Julz Lane

Created with After Effects.


Calibre takes place in the squalid overcrowded urban streets of the city NC-17 and is set starting in the year 2075. The series involves two detectives who are responsible for solving high profile and bizarre criminal cases.


A broadcast package for a fictitious TV series called Calibre, which includes a Title Sequence, Ident and Lower Third animation.

The brief was to create 3 distinct digital assets, which were:
- Animated title sequence (20 Seconds)
- Animated Ident, derived from the title sequence (5 Seconds)
- Animated lower-third artwork (5 Seconds)

I utilized a lot of dark monochromatic tonal ranges to represent the dark eeriness of the cold city streets at night. Overhead lighting was used to add more depth and feeling to the scene, giving it a mysterious, unknown and unexplored aesthetic.